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'Key Tips For Placement At Barclays From A Finance Specialization Student' - Manish Gogoi, IFMR GSB Krea University

I hail from Tezpur, Assam. I did my BTech in Mechanical Engineering from Gauhati University. After my BTech, I joined Shriram Transport Finance Co. Ltd., initially started my career as

In Conversation With Mr. Satya Shankar Mahapatra | Senior VP - Barclays - Risk & Analytics

Mr. Satya Shankar Mahapatra has a proven track record of 17+ years in the areas of Investment Banking and Financial Services. He has worked in various capacities such as Delivery

2 Months At Barclays, A 325 Year Old Bank - Akash Choudhury, SPJIMR

An MBA program is known for throwing together a curated assemblage of characters with diverse experiences, talents and stories with the hope that all of them would learn from the

Most Desirable Banking & Finance Recruiters - Part III - InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2013

For years, Banking & Finance recruiters were responsible for the upward spiral in salaries at top Indian business schools. Top performing students on elite campuses are the ones who have

InsideIIM Recruitment Survey Results - Part IV - Most Preferred Companies in Finance & Consulting

We have already seen the most preferred companies in the Sales & Marketing domain in Part III here. Time now to delve into two other popular domains - Finance &