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Branding In The Era Of Digital Media - Challenges And Opportunities

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.” Scott Cook

Why Great Brands Use Storytelling | 3 Tenets Of Powerful Storytelling

Storytelling is a feature that all the great brands use via means of advertising and marketing campaigns. It helps them to connect with the consumers and establish a trust which

How Brands Talk - Learning MBA Concepts Through Daily Life

A day of rigor ends, another starts, where you are to give your cent percent despite not being up to performing even at half steam. Sounds like regular life at

Marketing - From The Lens Of A Novice

Let us start from the beginning of all things - The Big Bang Moment (don’t worry, I won’t take you exactly to THAT moment over here), which leads us to

What Is Brand Valuation?

Recently, you must have come across news of HDFC being named India’s most valuable brand in a report titled Brandz India Top 50 2017 by Kantar Millward Brown and WPP.

How NOT To Create A Brand? - Brand Management

It's true that you cannot satisfy every customer. But a single dissatisfied customer can be a costly affair for your brand.