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All Your Tomorrows Begin Today - An MBA Alumna's Advice For You

Last year, someone offered me not an unreasonable sum of money to talk to a bunch of graduate and postgraduate students about navigating early careers successfully.

A Career At Marico - Meet Saffola Product Group Head Today At 7 pm

The Story of Marico started in 1971 when a young Harish Mariwala joined the family business - Bombay Oil Industries. The iconic Parachute brand - most of our millennial users

'We hire from select campuses for the RB Leadership Program' - Team RB on InsideIIM

In our series to help young professionals understand what different types of careers are like, InsideIIM hosted the team behind one of India's most trusted brands - Dettol and one

'We Give Our Young Leaders Projects That Are High Risk High Return' - Team ABG on InsideIIM

Aditya Birla Group Leadership Program is one of the most prestigious career tracks for young Indian professionals and students. Consistently, ranked as one of the most preferred recruiters in the

A Career In Product Management At Flipkart - Highlights of Chat With Arindam Mukherjee and Vamsi Madhav

To kick off Career Chats at InsideIIM, we had two star managers from Flipkart, Vamsi Madhav (Head – University Relations) and Arindam Mukherjee (Product Manager, also HBS and IIT alumnus)

Meet Team Flipkart Today

This is your chance to interact with folks from Flipkart.