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Blooming Careers In Finance - The Silver Lining Of The Pandemic Ft. K J Somaiya Institute of Management

Are you looking to specialise in Finance but aren’t sure how the pandemic has impacted the sector and how its future would be? This live webinar is an exclusive opportunity

Why Should You Consider A Career In Corporate Finance & How To Build One?

A career in corporate finance means one would work for the organization to help generate and meet its capital requirements, utilizing these resources optimally to allow organic and inorganic growth

Your Door To A High Paying Career In Finance | InsideIIM’s Certificate Program In Corporate Finance With SDA Bocconi

Did you think how Facebook decided to acquire Whatsapp for a whopping $16 billion? Or how Reliance Jio is on a shopping spree, having bought more than 20 firms in

Futures & Options - SoftBank In The World Of Smart & Sophisticated Trading

So you want to buy the stocks of a company you like but you don’t want to buy stocks since you don’t have that kind of capital or risk appetite.

How To Build A Career In Fintech, BFSI, And More Ft. GIM

One of the most preferred careers for students post MBA happens to be working in the finance domain. Whether it be banking, insurance, asset management, trading or more, a large

5 Eye-Opening Insights From Ex-Merrill Lynch Director, IIM-B Alum That You Need To Know

An IIM-B alumnus, Investment Banker, Entrepreneur; Harsh Parikh wears a lot of hats! From his exciting journey to IIM Bangalore and how he made the most of his time there

All You Wanted To Ask About The Stock Markets But Were Too Afraid To Ask | AMA with Kenneth & Prashant

"When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is." - Oscar Wilde

The Secrets To Markets From Industry Experts | 2nd InsideIIM Finance Festival

Haven’t we all seen those Wall Street or Dalal Street movies and awed at the characters and their smart, calculative moves? Or read about Warren Buffet’s simple rules of investment