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Case Study Competitions

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Our Experiences At Mahindra War Room And Nestle 4P Challenger

Competitions are a very important part of campus life during MBA. Many top companies organize competitions to identify talent in b schools. Students who show exceptional skills and promise might

The Best Corporate Case Study Competitions At B-Schools - Timeline

Case competitions are an important aspect of B-school life - they are not just avenues to earn lucrative prizes and pre-placement interviews from top firms but also a gateway to

B-School Competitions You Should Look Forward To

The knowledge and learning B-schoolers acquire from competitions can not only spark innovation but also give tremendous value to their CV. The prize money is good enough to cover a

The Key To Ace Corporate Presentations And Case Competitions : Storylining

I prepared my deck and was eager to present it in my first client team meeting during my summer internship. The deck had the statistics to catch the attention of

Cut To The Case: Strategies For Acing Your Next Business Case Competition

If you think a business degree is about sitting bored in lecture halls and auditoriums, think again.

How To Survive The Second Year At A B-School - Key Tips From An IIM Bangalore Alumnus

"Hey Siri, read my notifications." I was just easing in my apartment, as I commanded my newly enslaved voice assistant to serve me (and this sounds so creepy)!

Turning The Dream Into A Winning Idea | ICICI Bank 'Beat the Curve' Winners From IIM Shillong

Corporate competitions are an essential part of any B-School student's life. From coming up with breakthrough ideas to learning how to apply knowledge gained in classrooms to a real-life situation,