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CAT 2018 Results

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GD-PI Preparation With IIM Lucknow Student | LIVE Webinar

The IIM Lucknow shortlists have been released on the institute's website. If you have been shortlisted, the next step in your journey to Hel(L) is preparing for the WAT-PI.

LIVE Webinar On GD-PI Prep With Aayushya Aggarwal, CAT 99.9 Percentiler | IIM Calcutta

Now that the IIM Calcutta shortlists for the WAT-PI round have been released, how do you go about preparing for the challenge ahead?

CAT 2018 Results - Get Your Profile Evaluated By SDA Bocconi Asia Center

SDA Bocconi Asia Center has a unique profile-based selection. They do not indicate cut-offs for different entrance exams. If you are looking for a b-school that looks at more than

Should I Take CAT Again?

This video is for everyone who is bogged down with their CAT 2017 results. You need to remember that you are more than your CAT score. So relax, take it

What To Do If Your CAT Percentile Is Between 75%ile - 85%ile

If you have scored between 75-85%ile in CAT 2018, what are the options in front of you? What all business schools can you get shortlist calls from? How can you

What To Do If Your CAT Percentile Is Between 85%ile - 95%ile

The 85-95%ile bracket is a tricky one - you've probably just missed out on getting that 98+%ile score by 10-20 marks, and consequent calls from top management institutes of the

What To Do If Your CAT Percentile Is Between 55%ile - 75%ile

Let's face it. CAT is a very difficult exam to crack, and not everyone can or wants to join an IIM or any other tier-1 management institute. With a score