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An English Grad’s Strategy To Crack CAT 2020 | Ft. Ratula Bandyopadhyay, IIM K

Meet Ratula Bandyopadhyay, an English Literature graduate from Presidency College, Kolkata. Ratula decided to pursue an MBA during her college 2nd year and started giving a serious thought during her

How I Scored 99.98 Percentile In CAT 2019 - Jaideep Tanwar, IIM-C Convert

Hi guys, this is Jaideep and today I would be telling my CAT 2019 success story. Through this article of mine, I will try to answer the question - How

Importance Of Technique In CAT- Part I | CAT Tips By Pranaav Murali, IIM L

“When you really get technique.. there is no strength that will stop you”- Caio Terra (Jujutsu World Champion)

To Crack CAT, Focus On Patterns, Trends - A Consultant's Strategy Ft. Javin M, IIM K

Javin Madaan, Senior Consultant at KPMG India got interested in writing the CAT and pursuing an MBA during his work with FMCG companies. He realised that if he wanted to

CAT Consists Of 4 Sections; Not 3 Ft. Lakshya Kumar, 99.99%iler, IIM C

Lakshya Kumar scored 99.99%ile in CAT 2019, the highest amongst non engineers to have written the exam in 2019. Also he started his CAT prep in Feb 2019, just 7

The Reading Bubble Of CAT | VA-RC Tips By Ankit Desai, IIM A 2020-22

VARC – Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension is the first section that appears on the CAT. It is considered to be the most scoring section, unless things get really bad

How Should You Prepare For CAT? | Naman Agarwal, CAT 2019 99.57 %ile

It's a test of attitude, not aptitude.Background :IIT Mandi Computer Science Graduate. Good at maths. Bad in English. Working professional. Started prep in mid May 2019

It Took 30 Mock Tests To Find The Right CAT Strategy Ft. Tanuj Ruia, CA, IIM B, 99.69%iler

Tanuj Ruia wrote the CAT in 2017 and scored 97.7%ile. But he was not satisfied. He wanted to get a call from one of the legacy IIMs. Which is why