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Top Consumer Goods Companies Most IIM Grads Work With | InsideIIM Alumni Report 2022

Amongst top Consumer Goods companies, which are the ones that MBA grads from top business schools end up at? What percentage of IIM ABC alumni work with FMCG behemoths? In

Top FMCG Companies In India To Work With After MBA

Ever since the inception of the InsideIIM Recruitment Survey, Unilever, P&G and Nestle have dominated the rankings for the most desirable FMCG recruiters. Unilever, particularly, has shown tremendous consistency by

HUL, P&G Amongst Top FMCG Companies Where IIM Alumni End Up At | Alumni Report 2021

Consumer Goods companies are some of the biggest recruiters at top Indian b-school campuses, hiring top talent for various domains including Sales and Marketing. In fact, FMCG companies such as Hindustan

Consumer Goods Companies Where Alumni of IIM A, B, C And ISB Are Now Working At - Alumni Report 2020

For all MBA stakeholders - MBA aspirants, students and alumni - it is very interesting to track where graduates of top business schools are working today. In the Alumni Report

Shine Bright Like A Diamond: A Marketer’s Dream - Summer Internship 2018

They say FMCG is the heaven for marketing. After getting placed for a summer internship at Yellow Diamond, a leading snacks company in India, I was both flattered and frightened.

Alumni Report 2018 - Consumer Goods

This part of the 6th Edition of the InsideIIM Alumni Reports will cover the FMCG Industry. Here, the top Consumer Goods brands have been selected on the basis of the

Alumni Report 2017 - Consumer Goods

This is the fifth edition of annual Alumni Report on InsideIIM.com. This is the part one of this year's edition.