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3 Things To Keep In Mind While Perfecting Your CV For Placements

While you embark upon your journey into the corporates, you've got to compete with your peers to grab that coveted role. Presenting yourself well is of utmost importance in the

Things To Decide To Build Up A ‘CV’ During Undergrad Days

Most people every year close to the admission season always ask me what they can do to better build their profiles, be more employable or to even increase their chances

Using CVs To Reduce Gender Inequity - Pomil Broch, NITIE Mumbai

As schoolkids, we are all trained to write our names legibly on the answer sheet before we begin answering the questions. It is so ingrained in our education system that

How To Make a Resume - Common Mistakes - Summer Time Madness - Part II - Reliance And InsideIIM

We bring you the second episode of Summer Time Madness - Our 10 part video series in association with Reliance Industries.

How To Make a Resume - Summer Time Madness - Part I - Reliance & InsideIIM

This is the first episode of our 10 part series in association with Reliance Industries.

IIM Calcutta Student's Strategy To Crack Consulting Interviews And His BCG PPO Story

Charneet is a PGP-II student at IIM Calcutta with a PPO from the prestigious Boston Consulting Group. Prior to coming to IIM-C, Charneet graduated in Computer Science from IIIT Hyderabad

Should You Dumb Down Your Resume To Get A Job

Have you faced a time where you have repeatedly heard the potential employer telling you that you are overqualified for a job? Have you faced rejection because you had more

Operations Vala CV - When Being Technical Helps - Abishake From IIM Lucknow

This is that time of the year when an MBA college is hustling and bustling with first year students running around with their CVs. The seniors are in high demand