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In Conversation With Sonal Singh, Deutsche Bank | India's Top Campus Recruiters

Campus Recruiters play a very important role in MBA students’ careers. They are the ones who decide which candidates can make it into their company, essentially launching the selected candidate’s

All You Need To Know About Finance Roles After An MBA

Investment banking is pretty cool right?! But it's not the only career open to you in finance. There are many interesting roles you can work in, with your MBA in

“The Obstacle Is Indeed The Way” - Mr. Vinay Gupta, Global Finance Director, Group CIO, Deutsche Bank

As part of the Industry Interaction Cell, IIM Amritsar, I invited Mr. Vinay Gupta – Global Finance Director, Group CIO, Deutsche Bank to be one of the panelists for our

Most Desirable Banking & Finance Recruiters - Part III - InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2013

For years, Banking & Finance recruiters were responsible for the upward spiral in salaries at top Indian business schools. Top performing students on elite campuses are the ones who have

InsideIIM Recruitment Survey Results - Part IV - Most Preferred Companies in Finance & Consulting

We have already seen the most preferred companies in the Sales & Marketing domain in Part III here. Time now to delve into two other popular domains - Finance &