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A Pawn On The Chessboard Called Life Ft. Rahul Jain, IIM Rohtak, PGP 2021-2023

“It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”  - John Wooden

3 Things To Make it Big in America | From US Military To Becoming A CEO Ft. Dr. Ram P. Ramcharran

The courage to reinvent oneself, over and over again, is a trait of a very few founders, which differentiates them from being excellent to exceptional. Dr. Ram P. Ramcharran is

As An Entrepreneur, There Was A Point When I Felt Like Quitting Every Day, Ft. Harpreet Singh Grover

There are a rare few leaders in the world who possess the courage of taking an unconventional route, being persistent through it, and making their vision a reality, even fewer

How 3 INSEAD Alums Built The Uber Of Private Medical Transport, Ft. Antoine P, CoFounder-StanPlus

A graduate from INSEAD, An engineer with 6+ years of relevant work experience managing projects across the globe, a budding consultant, Antoine Poirson chose India to be home to his