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How To Do Analysis of IPL Data Using Excel & Other Functions Explained | Live QnA

Thank you for the amazing response to our Excel Explained Masterklass Live Course! We have received an overwhelming number of applications and are currently processing them. On popular demand from

Stand Out In Your Career With Domain-Relevant Excel Skills

There are few products and brands which have stayed relevant over decades like MS Excel. It has grown with us over generations and continues to be indispensable in our professional

6 Things You Can Do Before Your B-school | Ft. Ankit Gupta, IIM Lucknow

As I write this article, a lot of us are sitting in our cozy abodes, wishing for the pandemic -  CORONA, to end.

How You Can Master MS Excel - Live Webinar With An Expert

One of the most important aspects of our professional lives is often one of the most neglected - MS Excel. The benefits of this spreadsheet and data-organisation tool are highly

Microsoft Excel – A Manager’s Best Friend

“In God we trust, everything else is data.”

Choose The Right B-School - Here's A Magical Tool

It can be a daunting task to choose the b-school from your options, considering the amount of blood, sweat and tears that you're going to invest in it in the