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How Well Do You Know Your Maggi? | Quiz Inside

From its inception, Nestlé has been a company that touches lives across the globe. With its range of products, Nestlé has become a necessary name in your household. Right from

Why Nestlé's Management Trainee Program Is The Best Career Launchpad For You

Nestlé is a household name. Many of us wake up to a steaming hot cup of NESCAFÉ and end our day with a hankering for our favourite midnight snack -

A Branch Manager's Journey At Kraft Heinz | Priyank Bavishi, IIM Kozhikode

Priyank Bavishi, an alumnus of IIM Kozhikode and a Branch Manager at Kraft Heinz, joined the organisation as a management trainee. He now handles the sales function for the Western

The Story Of How A Fresher Coped With His Internship

Everyone has a very different and engaging internship experience, but what stands out for the lucky few of us who get to call ourselves Freshers is the fact that those

Shine Bright Like A Diamond: A Marketer’s Dream - Summer Internship 2018

They say FMCG is the heaven for marketing. After getting placed for a summer internship at Yellow Diamond, a leading snacks company in India, I was both flattered and frightened.

Alumni Report 2018 - Consumer Goods

This part of the 6th Edition of the InsideIIM Alumni Reports will cover the FMCG Industry. Here, the top Consumer Goods brands have been selected on the basis of the

How To Get Into HUL?

Getting into a b-school is just the start of your career. One of the most daunting tasks next is getting the summer internship of your choice. The only way to

Marketing As A Specialization: All You Need To Know

All You Need to Know About Marketing Major: