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A $3 Billion IPO For Nykaa? - Business News At A Glance Ep.20

This week we talk retail in our news bulletin. Nykaa is gearing up for a $3 Billion IPO. We decode their story. We also take a look at the latest

15+ Current Affairs Topics Explained To Help You Ace Placement Interviews

Final Placement Season is upon us. Students are currently busy brushing up on their concepts, CV, and projects. To crack your final placements, it is important to have your finger

Predicted GD Topics For MBA Admissions 2021 | How Do You Answer Them?

Group Discussion or GD round will play an important role in MBA admission for the year 2021.  All the top MBA colleges will start their WAT/GD/PI rounds from February 2021

How To Prepare For A B-School Interview? || Anuj Gupta, FMS, Delhi' 22

Though Delhi winters have lost their charm, there are still few things to cherish about them. And it is at least better than the scorching heat of summers. Oh but

Group Discussion & Personal Interview Hacks To Crack Your Interviews

"A good start is half the battle."  - PlatoI am overwhelmed with the “Thank you” notes from my friends and mentees I helped during their cat preparation. Here is an

Why Did Trump Supporters Storm The US Capitol? | Business News At A Glance Ep.18

January 2020. India was in the grips of student protests. A year later, January 2021. Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol. What a way to start the new year! 2021

Admissions, Job Interviews : How to prepare for GD-PIs? | Ft. SDA Bocconi Asia Center

CAT is long gone and by now a majority of you might have a little clarity on how you fared in the examination. What lies ahead of you is something

Should India’s Banking Sector Allow Private Players? - Business News At A Glance Ep.12

In today’s news bulletin, we discuss the negative and the positive. On the one side, we talk about India’s banking sector perhaps opening its doors to private players. On the