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Your Ultimate Personal Interview Prep Checklist 2022

Are you an aspirant preparing to crack those b-school interviews? Waiting with bated breath to get a call from your dream b-school and wondering which schools you must prepare for?

Financial Analysis On The Investment Of Japan’s Kirin Holdings In BIRA 91 - By Nishant Nair

In order to do a financial analysis of the transaction, I decided to conduct a valuation of the company of Bira 91 craft beer, which is B9 Beverages Pvt. Ltd.

Financial Analysis On RB Investing In Bombay Shaving Company - Shantanu Gandhi

The Covid driven lockdown pushed many businesses to the brink of a shutdown and considerable losses to many enterprises. There was, however, a silver lining to it, a boom in

Audit In A Post Pandemic World - By Prachi Parundekar

The unprecedented situation caused by Covid-19 has disrupted most professions across the globe with accounting and auditing being no exception. Auditors can no longer travel to audited entity premises and

Impact Of Privatization Of Indian Public Sector Banks - By Palash Maheshwari

The government of India has in principle agreed to the privatization of Public sector banks (PSBs). This decision was much awaited by the industry but there are a lot of

Coinbase $100 Billion IPO | Flipkart Acquires Cleartrip | Amazon $250M Venture Fund For SME’s - Business News At A Glance Ep.29

This previous week was full of IPO’s, Acquisitions, and Venture Funds. For this edition of Business News At A Glance, We cover the news of the Coinbase $100 Billion IPO

OYO’s Expansion Plans Amidst Softbank’s Withdrawal | Business News At A Glance Ep. 26

This week on the news bulletin, we cover news on the three sectors which were heavily impacted when the pandemic has started. Hospitality, Retail, and Export sector. First, we talk

Google To Stop Selling User Targeted Ads | Business News At A Glance Ep.25

Today's news bulletin is dedicated to highlights the most recent happenings in the fields of Marketing, Finance, and Operations. We will be discussing the recent move by Google to stop