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Possible Ban On Fairness Cream Ads | Its Effect On Market, Advertising And Society | GD-PI Topic

Performing well in GD-PI-WAT round is a sure-shot way to get into your favourite b-school. And do you know what drives a good percentage of these preliminary rounds? It’s the

Budget 2020 Analysis 3 | Consumers And Trade In India

The final part on Analysis of Budget brings to you what you get as a consumer and what will happen to the trade of India. The Government has proposed an

Coronavirus And Its Impact On Global Economy : A Possible GD-PI-WAT Topic

If you want to prepare yourself for the interview, then you will have to be aware of things not just in your country but the world too. And in this

How To Crack The Group Exercise Round | For MICA, SIBM, SCMHRD And More

Group Exercises (GE) or Group Tasks is a type of preliminary round that takes place before Personal Interviews. In this round, candidates are assessed on a variety of things like

XLRI Interview Experience And Tips By XAT 99.976 Percentiler

That time of the year again where everyone is working hard to clear the last leg of the journey to their dream B-schools. Reading up on their acads, reflecting back

IIM Shillong Interview Experience | GD-PI-WAT Experience

So probably I was the second last batch to be interviewed for IIM Shillong.

CAP Interview Experience For New And Baby IIMs

Date - 16th February 2019Slot - MorningLocation - IHMCTAN, Dadar West, Mumbai

CAT 99.97 Percentiler's Recommended Reading List To Crack IIM Interviews | Part 1

It’s that time of the year when lakhs of students aim to make their way through to their dream institutes to pursue an MBA. The only hurdle remaining in their