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How to become a product manager

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Guide To A High-Paying Career Path In The Digital World

Tech adoption has increased 5 folds due to the pandemic. That coupled with the internet revolution is increasingly fueling the demand for Product Managers for digital products in India. It

What Does It Take To Earn A 7 Figure Salary | Product Management 101

Products & technologies have had increasingly higher adoption rates. Telephones took almost 100 years to reach 100 million users, mobile phones took 20 years, Facebook took less than 5 years

Product Managers Must Be Good At Tech, Data, Problem Solving Or Design - Samarth L, Media.net, IIM C

One of the most lucrative careers an MBA student can get into? Product management. Especially if you’re a GEM (general engineering male!) or an engineer, product management is a career

I Became A Product Manager Without Knowing What It Meant Ft. Praveen G Krishnan, The Ken, Ex Myntra

Continuing his talk, Praveen tells us about how he first discovered Product Management. He took up the role at a time where even the company that hired him wasn’t sure