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How Can You Get 20% Higher Salaries With This One Must-Have Skill?

Snapshot: There are currently over 86,000+ open jobs in India that require Data Analytics skills. In most cases, these jobs are not necessarily titled "Data Analysts" but are functional roles.

Can A CEO Title Be The Endgame For CHROs? Inside: The Stories Of 4 Such CHROs.

Common wisdom says that the coveted CEO title is usually secured by a senior functional leader from Marketing or Finance. Typically, leaders who have had a high-growth career trajectory straight

The Comprehensive Guide to HR Management Salaries in India

If you’ve worked for a bit, you’ll know that when the HR Manager sets up a meeting with you, your heart beats a little faster. Are you in trouble? Did

From Software Programmer to HR Leader: Nandita Gurjar’s Inspiring Story

Regarded amongst India’s most inspiring and influential business leaders, Nandita Gurjar is the perfect example to showcase that it’s never too late to start, identifying what you like and making

4 Reasons From A Deloitte Consultant & An HRM Director On Why HR Management Is A Goldmine

There is no doubt that the HR industry is evolving, from mere tasks of administration to seating at a senior-level table. HR has become a center of the business by

What's a Career in HR Management Like? 4 Inside Perspectives!

Ever wondered what it’s like to be, perhaps, the most important person in an organization - the HR Manager? Yup, you read that right! No organization can survive even a

Interview Qs Like ‘How good is your EX?!’ And Other Stunning Facts About HRM Careers

If you thought ‘EX’ refers to that person, whom you’re trying to banish from your memory forever, you’re mistaken by a long way! Read on to discover why, as well

What An MBA Will Never Teach You! | Real-Life Stories From HUL & UNICEF HR Experts

If you think Human Resource Management is a career for the ‘nice’ people, you’re somewhat wrong and if you think that HR Management just involves hiring and engaging employees, you’re