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Let The Humour Be With You

What's happening, you charismatic, hard-working aspirants!! I know you already have your boots tightened and every morning, you take a deep breath of determination as you focus towards your 'Lakshya'-

Pre-Party Jitters - Getting Party Ready At ABG

Prepping for an Internship is a little like prepping for a Dinner Party. The nervousness and the jitters are real and the frenzy when you can't find the right clothes!

Murphy’s Law 101 - Anything That Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong - Humour On Campus - SPJIMR

B-School Life shouldn't and isn't about learning new things, sitting for lectures, making timely submissions, networking, finding the right question to answer and so on. It's supposed to be the

Humorously Yours, Zomato And Spirit Share

Mr. Philip Kotler, in one his lectures said: “You wanted their mind share, you wanted their heart share, but now, you also want a share of their spirit”.

Life at a Business School!

When a fresh graduate walks through the enormous gates of any of the premier management schools, he or she will be geared up to face a new challenge in their

Rahul Gandhi doing things

To my utter surprise (and eventual delight), I discovered that there is now an official "Rahul Gandhi" Facebook page. Also (not) surprisingly the page has a zillion funny photos of