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Visit IIM Indore | Campus Tour And CAT Guidance From MBA Students

Experience the essence of excellence and academic brilliance at IIM Indore with the enriching two-day event designed as a part of the i5 Summit 2023 by IIM Indore and IIT Indore!

My 3 Key Lessons From Founding Droom - Sandeep Aggarwal, Founder - Shopclues, Serial Entrepreneur

After his stint at Shopclues, Sandeep Aggarwal went on to found Droom, a company that digitises the buying and selling of used cars. And once again, Sandeep decided to foray

I Lived In Fear For 2 Years In The USA After My MBA - Sandeep Aggarwal, Shopclues & Droom

Imagine you’re earning a million USD annually, live in a beautiful home in San Francisco, schmooze with the Googles, Microsofts and Facebooks of the world, and trade on Wall Street.

Lessons From My Failures As An Entrepreneur - Giri B., Quizmaster, Entrepreneur, Harvard Alum

Stay humble and focused, work hard and think strategically. These are just some of the pearls of wisdom, Giri Balasubramaniam, Quizmaster, Entrepreneur, Ex-Walt Disney, Harvard University Alum shared with students

Why I Quit A Walt Disney Job To Become A Quizmaster- Giri B, Entrepreneur, Harvard Alum - Part 1

In this video, Giri Balasubramaniam, Quizmaster Entrepreneur, Harvard Alum shares the story of leaving a cushy job at Walt Disney India to start his own venture in the education and

Why You Should Start A Startup In India - Pranav Pai, Stanford Alum, VC and Founder 3one4 Capital

Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Would you like to work at a startup that is doing groundbreaking work? What makes entrepreneurship the next bastion to be conquered by

Ego Is Always The Enemy - Kunj Sanghvi, Content Head - InsideIIM, Ex-CNBC & HT Media, MICA Alum

In this video shot at the i5 Summit, IIM Indore, Kunj Sanghvi, Content Head At InsideIIM, Ex-CNBC, Ex-HT Media, MICA Alum continues his story of arriving at interesting life realisations.

Why I Quit My Job To Travel & Write - Kunj Sanghvi, Content Head - InsideIIM, Ex-CNBC, MICA Alum

In this video, Kunj Sanghvi, Content Head at InsideIIM, speaking at i5 Summit at IIM Indore talks about his career journey. Kunj talks about learning the harsh truths of the