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How I Switched 4 Jobs In 7 Years - Faiz Rehman, Hotstar, Ex-PayTM, Ex-ICICI, Ex-Tata Motors, IIM I

In this video, Faiz Rehman, Senior Manager - Digital Sales at Hotstar, Ex-PayTM, Ex-ICICI Bank, Ex-Tata Motors, IIM Indore alum, answers various questions about switching jobs, building your CV and

Companies Look For All-Rounders, Not Geeks - Faiz Rehman, Digital Sales - Hotstar, ex-PayTM, IIM I

In this video, Faiz Rehman, Senior Manager - Digital Sales at Hotstar, Ex PayTM, Ex ICICI Bank, Ex Tata Motors, IIM Indore alum, takes us through his eclectic and diverse

My Enthralling Journey At ICICI And Valuable Takeaways - Shilpa Shrivastava, XIMB

My journey began on a bright sunny afternoon, as I stepped out of the Mumbai airport. It was a known city to me but I certainly knew that this would

A Unique Internship That Taught Me Lessons For Life - Summer Internship Experience At ICICI Bank

It was a bright sunny morning in the first week of April and the iconic blue glass tinted building of ICICI headquarters at Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai stood right in

Turning The Dream Into A Winning Idea | ICICI Bank 'Beat the Curve' Winners From IIM Shillong

Corporate competitions are an essential part of any B-School student's life. From coming up with breakthrough ideas to learning how to apply knowledge gained in classrooms to a real-life situation,

Ankit Anurag's Internship Experience At ICICI Bank - IIM Udaipur

In a royally decorated, magnificently built common hall, away from the city’s searing temperature, It was the ‘Qualys Security Conference, 2017 at hotel The Leela, Mumbai,’ hosting some of the

Being An HR Manager Is Not Only About Managing Your Resources - Internship Experience At ICICI

As about 75 blazered, pastel color shirts donning, determined, excited, nervous, clean shaven, make up wearing heads simultaneously stretched out their necks from the two AC buses at 8 in

"Connect With As Many People As You Can" - Interview With Pragya Bang, Alumna, IIM Indore Mumbai And Manager At ICICI Prudential

Hi Pragya, tell our readers about yourself, your educational and professional background.I come from a traditional, Marwari-Maheshwari family of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Luckily, I was born in a family where my