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Consulting Is An Extension Of B-School Ft. Raghaw J, IIM A, AT Kearney, Bain

What is the major difference between people who turn their goals into reality and everyone else? What makes them stand apart? Historically, you'll find that people who stand out are

I Regret Not Making The Most Of My Time In IIM A | Manishi Sanwal, Ex LVMH TAG Heuer, IIM A Alum

In this second part of Manishi’s interview, he talks about his early life, from growing up in small-town Uttarakhand, to making it to IIM Ahmedabad. He says that having an

How I Went From Luxury Marketing To Data Analysis, Ft. Manishi Sanwal, Ex LVMH, TAG Heuer, IIM A

Meet Manishi Sanwal! At one point in his career, this IIM Ahmedabad alum was one of the top 3 personalities in the world of luxury marketing, having worked with the

I Marketed Maggi Right Out Of B School | Jagriti R, Nestlé, IIM A Alum

Jagriti did Biotechnology and with very little knowledge about the MBA world, she started preparing for the B-school examination. And with a tinge of hard work and a lot of

IIM Ahmedabad: Eligibility, Selection Process, Fees, Placement and More | Know Your Campus

In today’s episode of KYC, we will talk about the management institute that has been at the forefront for decades. Since its inception in the year 1961, IIM Ahmedabad has

IIM Taught Me To Thrive In High Pressure, High Risk Situations Ft. Amit Agrawal, IIM A, IIT BHU

In the 3rd part of his talk on Konversations in Quarantine, Amit Agarwal, self minted Salespreneur, Author of the book “The Ultimate Sales Accelerator,” IIM A & IIT Bhu Alum,

How Coronavirus Is Shaping The Future Of Sales Ft. Amit Agarwal, IIM Ahmedabad

Do you wonder how the world will change after the COVID 19 threat has been neutralised? How kinds of changes will work, processes, and systems undergo? One of the major

A Salesperson Can Earn More Than The CEO Ft. Amit Agarwal, IIM A, IIT BHU

If you’re an MBA student or aspirant, or even an engineering student for that matter, the last career option you’d consider is sales. Most people don’t choose a sales role,