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IIM Ahmedabad Alumni

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On IIM Ahmedabad And Finance Careers - Insights By An IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus

FinGods assemble! This one's for you. From being an IIM-A Alumnus (batch of 2000), to working in companies like Edelweiss Capital, Kotak Securities, Quant Capital, and now at Alpha Alternatives,

How To Crack CAT And Get Into IIM Ahmedabad - Tips From An IIM A Alumnus

I have always been a huge fan of the InsideIIM portal as it has often proved extremely useful in giving me fresh insights into the world of b-schools. However, the

Entrepreneurship Vs Corporate Career - Personal Advice Of An IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus

I will like to share my personal story of entrepreneurship & corporate career to share few insights with IIM & other MBA students & alumni. Many of us are often

8 Tips For A First Time Manager - Tips From An IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus

Drawing from my limited experience over the last 8 months:

The One And Only Sacrosanct Rule At Any IIM

I think there is only one sacrosanct rule at the IIMs. And that is punctuality.

Pre-MBA Prep Basics - Getting Started With Finance And Economics

Finance is a pretty broad field of study - ranging from financial accounting and reporting to the study of various financial markets, stock markets, valuations, trading etc. And so is Economics

MBA With Work Experience Vs MBA With No Work Experience - An Age Old Debate With No Correct Answer

The “fresher vs work-ex” debate wrt to MBA is an old one. And frankly, there is no one correct answer. Both the set of choices have their inherent advantages and

Even 100%ile May Not Be Enough To Get You Into IIM Ahmedabad

You may spend months, maybe years, trying to score that perfect 100%ile in CAT. But now that you have got that perfect 100, what's next? Is it a sure shot