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E- Induction At IIM Sambalpur

The world is going topsy turvy since the mid of March due to COVID 19, yet there was one more storm running through my mind since the day I sat

CAT 2020 Date To Be Out In August, US B-Schools Waive GMAT As Admission Criteria | MBA News, Ep. 11

What's happening in the world of MBA? What are the latest headlines from the IIMs? What is the situation of layoffs in India due to the crisis? How are business

IIM Shillong The Most Academically Diverse IIM, Class of 2019-21 | InsideIIM's Academic Diversity Report

MBA at IIMs seems to be the natural path many engineers take in order to gain career growth and higher pay checks. But today we find doctors, CAs, lawyers, humanities

MBA Students At Top B-Schools Demand Tuition Fee Refund, & More | MBA News Ep. 2

What's happening in the world of MBA? What are the latest updates around MBA admissions in India, the impact of Coronavirus on MBA, and placements at top IIMs and other

Dr. Soumya G. Deb Is InsideIIM’s Professor Of The Year At IIM Sambalpur - Here’s Why Students Love Him

Dr. Soumya G Deb is IIM Sambalpur’s Professor of The Year 2020! With nearly a decade of industry experience and 12 years of teaching experience in XIMB, this IIM Calcutta

Analyzing Placements At Baby IIMs - Are These Institutes Worth Joining?

The IIM brand is one of the strongest brands in the corporate world, and students graduating from these institutes are usually the creme de la creme of India's talent pool.

Welcome On-Board! - Induction Week At IIM Sambalpur

It all started as a dream; one affirmative mail from one of the most premium institutes of India had propelled me into the realm of instant stardom among my friends, family