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Instagram Shares Tips On How To Use Influencer Marketing Effectively | Business News At A Glance Ep.27

This week we cover the topic of Influencer marketing and how it can be effectively used by companies. Learn the tips shared by Instagram themselves on how to effectively use

The Content And Influencer Marketing Whiz Quiz - How Many Can You Get Right?

It's time to play InsideIIM's Influencer and Content Marketing Quiz!The theme of this quiz is 'Content And Influencer Marketing' - how well do you know the field? Test your knowledge

Why Is The TikTok Ban Such A Big Deal? | DEKODED, Ep 1

Why talking about TikTok now, you ask? Well, because without TikTok the marketing classes of today might not be complete. A vital part of internet generation marketing is Influencer marketing,

Most Marketing Folks Have The Wrong Notion About Marketing Ft. Dr. YLR Moorthi, IIM B | Part 1

Marketing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you are someone who’s acquired a taste for brands, marketing, and sales, then this video is certainly for you! In this video,

25 Free Digital Marketing Certifications To Add To Your CV During Lockdown

Thanks to the COVID 19 influenced lock-down, we all have a lot of time on our hands. There’s been a lot of discussion as to how this extra time can

Social Media Loves Mom’s Food - A Marketing Success Story

Dizzying lights, empty bottles lying around, greased boilers tilting over food-smeared kitchen slabs, dustbin stacked with paper-plates – the party was a hit. Biryani, Paneer Tikka, Chicken Tandoori, Naan, Butter

Redefining The New Trends In Marketing - Influencer Marketing

Ten years ago, paid media dominated the marketing sphere and companies had more power to influence the purchase decision of customers. Today, however, customers have access to most of the

'Influencer Marketing Is Hot. So Hot, There Are Cat Influencers' - Deepika Mallyk, IIM Bangalore

Content is surely the king. But influencers, crown this content king. The impact of influencer marketing is evident from the popularity gained by our favorite series of fantasy novels ‘Harry