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The non-IIM top MBA Alumni Report Part Three (Banking and Consulting)

We are on to the third and final part of the non-IIM top MBA Alumni report for 2014. Read the first part (locations, companies and functions) and the second part (FMCG,

The non-IIM Top MBA Alumni Report 2014 - Part Two (FMCG, Tech, Telecom, E-Commerce)

Having seen the locations, companies and functions for the non-IIM top MBA Alumni in the earlier report - (The non-IIM Top MBA Alumni Report 2014 - Locations, Companies and Functions),

Where are the Non-IIM Top School Alumni?

This is the second round of the 2014 Alumni reports. We focus on Top Indian B schools outside the six older IIMs. For coverage of the six older IIMs, read Part

The Six IIM Alumni Report - Visualized (Locations, and FMCG, Tech, E-Commerce, Telecom)

We started using Tableau visualizations for better analysis and communication of trends in the Alumni report. See the first set of visualizations here. They visualize the six IIM alumni report

The six IIM Alumni report - Visualized (Banking and Consulting)

You may have already read the first three parts of the IIM alumni report in 2014.

The Six IIM Alumni Report 2014 - Part Three - Top Companies in Banking and Consulting

It's now time to have a look at the two glamour domains of the last decade. Banking and Finance, and Consulting. They have held a mysterious sway over the minds

The Six IIM Alumni Report 2014 – Part Two – Top Companies in FMCG, Technology, E-Commerce and Telecom

(There may be a slight mismatch between the figures reported here for companies and the figures in our previous article, because the data is taken from different sources within LinkedIn).

Where are the Old Six IIM Alumni?

It's that time of the year when we release the alumni report - an informative snapshot of data that describes the position of alumni from the top B schools of