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Instagram Shares Tips On How To Use Influencer Marketing Effectively | Business News At A Glance Ep.27

This week we cover the topic of Influencer marketing and how it can be effectively used by companies. Learn the tips shared by Instagram themselves on how to effectively use

Why Is The TikTok Ban Such A Big Deal? | DEKODED, Ep 1

Why talking about TikTok now, you ask? Well, because without TikTok the marketing classes of today might not be complete. A vital part of internet generation marketing is Influencer marketing,

A MICAn's Journey From Being An Instagram Influencer To ITC | Once Dreamt, Now Achieved

Here's Aarushi Agrawal, a second-year student of MICA, sharing her journey from an Instagram Influencer to ITC Limited along with tips on how to crack the selection interviews of colleges

A Week Gone By At IIM Lucknow & A Sneak Peek Into IIM Shillong This Week

Life at a business school is a lot more than just assignments, deadlines and academics - there is so much more going on within the four walls of a management

A Story Of Happiness On Instagram - Brands We Love

“Aww Come on! Please do it for me. I know we have skype but we both understand how difficult it is going to have those calls. You will be busy