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The Basics Of Investment That Scam 1992 Didn't Teach You, Ft. CA Shakshi S, SPJIMR

Learning to invest is like learning to speak a new language. Many people find investing and personal finance confusing because of the difficult and jargon heavy terminologies used. We all

Is Education Loan The Only Option For Your MBA? | ROI Of MBA With Jennifer

‘How am I going to finance my MBA’?, and ‘where should I get the necessary funds from’?. The two most common questions that keep running through an MBA aspirant's mind.

Financial Analysis On The Investment Of Japan’s Kirin Holdings In BIRA 91 - By Nishant Nair

In order to do a financial analysis of the transaction, I decided to conduct a valuation of the company of Bira 91 craft beer, which is B9 Beverages Pvt. Ltd.

Financial Analysis On RB Investing In Bombay Shaving Company - Shantanu Gandhi

The Covid driven lockdown pushed many businesses to the brink of a shutdown and considerable losses to many enterprises. There was, however, a silver lining to it, a boom in

The Real Cost Of An MBA In India, Ft. Kunj Sanghvi | The Ambitious Indian Ep 3

We all have seen the lucrative placement figures that the B-schools project at the end of the placement season. But very few talk about the actual cost of the MBA

Financial Education Is Completely Missing In Our Education System, Ft. Varun S, PayTM Money CEO

In another short clip from the Varun Sridhar interview of CXO Central we did a couple of weeks back, Varun talks about the importance of investing and how people in

How To Use Twitter To Get A Job Ft. Ryan Reeves, CEO, Investing City

Investments are some of the most important things in an individual’s life. Everyone talks about making good investments, but how much do you really understand about investing? To discuss investments,

From SPJMIR Student To VP of Investment And Asset Management At Pandim Consultancy | Journey Of Prerna Lotlikar, CFA Certified and SPJIMR Finance Alumni

“During our placements, Investment Banking was the most preferred job and also the most lucrative one. I didn’t know much about IB and had an interest in an asset management