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Investment Planning

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A Finance Club For Investments At IIM Lucknow - Credence Capital - Mahindra War Room

Do you still wonder where to put your hard earned money to work up your savings game, like most of us? Then you need to know about this IIM Lucknow

How This IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus Invests His Money In India - A Detailed Step By Step Guide

How to plan your finances and invest money in India in your 20s - A detailed step by step guide

Top-Down Vs Bottom-Up Approach Of Investing - Finance With Chinmay

Many new investors entering into stock markets have a common question – What approach should I have? Should I start with a ‘big picture’ i.e. economy, GDP growth rates, interest

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Investing - Finance With Chinmay

Amateur investors lose their money as they invest based on hunches, tips & calls provided by brokers, internet articles or just because of the herd behaviour. This results in unavoidable

What Is Good Debt And Bad Debt And How To Manage It

Being able to borrow too much allowed many of us to make bad decisions - decisions that led to painful consequences. While debt can help us build assets and achieve