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What CAT 2019 Aspirants Can Learn From CAT 2018 - iQuanta

I see a lot of guys suggesting to solve CAT level questions only. But what does it infer? Easy, Moderate or Tough?

Should You Quit Your Job For MBA Preparation?

If you’re an engineer you must remember the syllabus of your AIEEE or IIT-JEE exam. If you’re a commerce student you know the kind of effort people put in to

iQuanta - Honest Reviews #2

I am right now gearing up for my IIM Interviews. It is undoubtedly one of the most hectic phases of an IIM aspirant's life.

iQuanta CAT 17 Results

Again, it's time for which every CAT aspirants burn their midnight oil. And there comes a secret group of iQuanta which is constantly gauging with the CAT preparation, concepts, doubts and almost

Indrajeet And iQuanta - Honest Reviews

Disclaimer (I prefer to give it in the beginning): All views are personal. I appreciate even the viewpoints and reasoning of anyone who has completely opposite views.

On Entrepreneurship, Reservations, And Making The Largest Online Platform For CAT Preparation - Indrajeet Singh, CEO Of iQuanta

Indrajeet Singh, the CEO of iQuanta, gave a new direction to the world of online teaching where the doubts get cleared within seconds or minutes using the previously neglected medium,

A Bittersweet Journey To IIFT Delhi - iQuanta

January 2015 : It was yet another monotonous day in office. However, things were even gloomierthat day. XAT 2014 results were out and while I had managed to score a decent

How To Prepare For CAT In 3 Months - iQuanta

Getting to the point directly, a lot of aspirants keep asking why their marks aren’t increasing in Mocks even after they have covered the syllabus. Now check this graph.