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ISB Placements 2022: Remarkable Leap in Salaries Offered to PGP Batch

The 2022 ISB placements report is now out, and the leading business school has witnessed an impressive uptick in the salaries offered to its PGP batch of 2022. ISB witnessed

How To Write The ISB PGP Application Essay 1 In 2022

ISB has opened up applications for ISB PGP Class of 2024 and as expected, ISB has changed the Essay 1 topic. Historically ISB mostly changes the topic of Essay 1

I Wanted To Give Up After My 2nd Failed Attempt - Oshin Sharma, ISB

Here’s a crisp, honest, and detailed conversation with our host and guest, Oshin, sharing her three-year-long journey towards ISB. Oshin also takes up the 10 most important questions you may

How I Scored 328 In The GRE - Gaurav Sen, ISB

The Graduate Record Examination, or GRE, is a significant stage in the application process for graduate school or business school. The GRE is a computer-based, multiple-choice standardized test that is

My Journey To ISB Through YLP || Ft. Kedar Sahasrabudhe

In my second year of engineering, I had a choice to make whether to pursue MS or to pursue MBA. I had heard about the ISB-YLP Programme from my seniors.

How I Scored 730 On The GMAT And Made It To ISB | Parva Patel

Indian School of Business is one of the most prestigious B-schools in all of Asia and has been consistently ranked as the top B-school in India by the Financial Times.

Coping Up With The Loss Of My Father To Making It To ISB After Three Failed CAT Attempts | Ft. Chaithanya, ISB Co'22

I am Chaithanya Kumar Donda, a dual degree graduate from IIT Madras. I have received an admit from ISB for PGP for the Class of 2021. I want to discuss

Product Management & Its Tools & Techniques | Priyank Ahuja, PM - Accenture, ex-Vodafone, ISB Alum

Product management is one of the most appealing and challenging professions for professionals who wish to have a crucial role in creating new consumer products, new technologies, software platforms and