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Summer Internship Experience At Johnson & Johnson - An Organisation With Purpose

My summer internship was a thrilling journey, where I enjoyed learning something new every day. On the day the on-boarding team welcomed all interns, I knew this would be an

Living The Dream In The City Of Dreams | Internship Experience At Johnson & Johnson

Never having lived away from my home state of Jharkhand, going to Mumbai, the so-called “City of Dreams” and interning at an organisation like Johnson & Johnson which has a

Summer Internship Experience At Johnson & Johnson

Excited about the opportunity, anxious about the impact I could create using the opportunity and overwhelmed by the heritage of an organization aging over 130 years, I walked into the

Rohit's Internship Affair With Johnson & Johnson - SJMSOM

So, this time of the year most of the 1st year MBA students have completed their internship from various companies offering wide variety of profiles. The following is a conversation

Summer Internship Programme 2014 in Johnson & Johnson CPD

“A Manufacturing intern acts a connecting chord between the shop floor workers and the management, and hence stands to gain by bridging both entities” – Myself

Marketing in the Digital Space

Garima Jain, Manager at Johnson and Johnson and also an alumna of IIM Indore and Carnegie Mellon has created a learning module on Marketing in the Digital Space for the