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How To Prepare A Brief - Market Research Made Easy

This is a semi-hypothetical case study created in order to teach the concept of making a brief.

Treasury In Banking - Finance Concepts Made Easy To Crack Internship Interviews

Remember the SRK starrer Happy New Year? Or many other films that show underground vaults in banks? The ones where piles upon piles of notes are kept? And the robbers

How To Conduct Training Needs Analysis - Tips For Your HR Internship

Training is an important and useful part of handling manforce. However, it is also expensive in terms of both training cost and cost in terms of manhours spent on it.

Marketing Lessons From 'The Martian' - How To Crack Marketing Internships Interview Effortlessly

The story of a man stranded on Mars, surviving for 2.5 years using his knowledge of science sounds boring on paper. You may think that this is a story for

To Stock Or Not To Stock? That's The Question - A Starter's Guide To Operations Management

Make-to-stock (MTS) is a traditional production strategy that is used by businesses to match production and inventory with consumer demand forecasts. The MTS method requires an accurate forecast of demand in order to

Founder And CEO Of InsideIIM And Konversation Talks About Brand Management And Professor Rajesh Srivastava

"One of the things that stood out with Rajesh Sir was how updated and current he is." - Ankit Doshi, Founder of InsideIIM & Konversations

Build Yourself As A Brand - The Ultimate Way To Crack Your Interview

We’re glad that you want to build yourself as a brand. One that everybody knows and loves.

How NOT To Create A Brand? - Brand Management

It's true that you cannot satisfy every customer. But a single dissatisfied customer can be a costly affair for your brand.