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Life At IIM Bangalore

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5 Best Things To-do At IIM Bangalore!

The schedule at IIMs sometimes gets hectic with quizzes, assignments, project submissions, pre-reads, seminars, etc. Taking a break from the hustle-bustle routine always helps one to feel rejuvenated.

YOBOLive Episode 1, IIM A, IIM L Students Talk About Acads Vs. Extra Curriculars

Get a glimpse into b-school life with our new free webinar series - #YOBOLive. Connect with students from IIMs and other top b-schools and find out how to make the

IIM Bangalore: The Stone Walls Saga

It has been a year with India's a la carte business school - the third IIM of the country, i.e., IIM Bangalore. The welcoming, warm, and professional space warped in

A Letter From An IIM Student To The Incoming First Year IIM Students

As you settle through the first fortnight, you already feel like part of flow much mightier than you. There is plenty to do and very less time. Classes, Group Meetings,

What Happens In The First Month At IIM Bangalore

Admission into the Top b-school of India; the sentence itself has some thrill in it....Ya, like every other CAT aspirant, getting admission in IIM- A/B/C became my dream of life.

What Happens At IIM Bangalore?

It has been one month here at IIM Bangalore and never before have I really resonated with Kangana's dialogue from Queen so much.

Life Is Sorted At IIM Bangalore

Life at IIM Bangalore is an experience and that experience can only be admired...

How The Time Flies At A B-School

Now that I am at B, I sometimes pause to wonder what people outside its walls must think of it. Naturally, society would then be divided into 3 sects based