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Life At IIM Udaipur

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College Wants To Know E2: Directly Speaking With Director Ft. Dr. Janat Shah, Director, IIM Udaipur

After the blockbuster success of episode 1 of College Wants To Know - "Where is the good mess food?", there was only one question wherever we went, - "When will

The Transformational Journey Of An All-Rounder | Dhiraj Malvawala | IIM Udaipur

Looking back in time, I feel like my MBA had just started yesterday. It was only a few days ago, i.e. on 30th March 2019, that our director gave the

Fascinating Experiences Of French Exchange Students | A Desi-Videshi Amalgam At IIM Udaipur

IIM Udaipur firmly believes that future leaders and managers are best developed in a multi-cultural environment. At the time when the world is shrinking and everything is thriving globally, leaders

10 Things You Need To Know About IIM Udaipur

1. Green Campus: IIM Udaipur is first of the new IIMs to move to its permanent Campus of 300 acres, which is the biggest campus among all the IIMs. The overall

10 Reasons Why You Should join IIM Udaipur

You got a good CAT score, and your relatives are congratulating you. But with this good news comes another headache. Now, you need to appear for interviews, group discussions and

What Does IIM Udaipur Teach You?

That was my first day in IIM Udaipur. I woke up with doubtful thoughts that whether or not I belong to this place. The confusion becomes apparent when you have

Flashback From PGPX Term One At IIM Udaipur

Spirits were high and so were the emotions on 3rd March 2017. Never could have a vacation been as welcoming as the one that laid ahead of us. While getting

Things No One Tells You About IIM Udaipur

I had a flight to catch in exactly 60 hours and 35 minutes, the flight that would tear me away from home. Make no mistakes, I wasn’t going home. I