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Why An XLRI Jamshedpur & FMS Delhi Graduate Decided To Join The Pharma Industry?

You probably have seen the glaring headlines of how it's probably the best time to be in the healthtech sector and how healthcare in general is on a meteoric rise!

Decoding BITSoM Foundation Batch Placements

Ever since the announcement of BITSoM, the MBA community has been waiting eagerly to see how the foundation batch performs in the final placement and how the industry reacts to

Why UBS Claims To Have The Best Placement This Year

Placement is one of the main reasons why Aspirants choose a B-school. And today we have one such claim that cannot be ignored!

How To Crack Every Bschool Interview- Live Session With ARKS Srinivas, Ex National MBA Head- CL

To take your WAT-PI preparation to the next stage, we are hosting a live webinar with ARKS Srinivas, ex-National MBA Head, Career Launcher, on how to ace your Bschool Interviews.

What is the ROI Of A Great Lakes MBA?

If education was random then you could go anywhere. But the truth is it is about the right fit as per your resources and what the B-school can provide you.

All About IIM Kozhikode | Selection Criteria, Interview Prep | MBA Admissions 2023

To help you prepare for WAT-PI this season, we are hosting a live session in association with IIM Kozhikode's PR Cell, where students from IIM Kozhikode will discuss the selection

Google's Most Asked Question About IMT Ghaziabad | AMA with IMT G Admission Chair

We know you search about your dream b-schools a lot. And not always land up at the right place to find the information that you are probably looking for. Hence,

MBA: India or Abroad? Career Growth, ROI, Culture Shock & More, Ft. CUHK

Whether to go for your MBA abroad is probably a question that comes to the mind of many after the CAT results are out. And rightly so, because an MBA