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LIVE Quiz, Current Affairs, GD-PI Topics | Summer Interview Prep Ft. IIM A, C, L, Shillong

For the 14th episode of #YOBOLive we challenge you! Join students from IIM A, C, L and Shillong in solving a live quiz during the session. From current affairs to

How To Choose Your Ideal Summer Internship Ft. IIM A, B, MDI, Bain, McKinsey, PwC - YOBOLive Ep.13

This week, find out how to choose your ideal internship company right before summer placements with the help of our panel featuring an IIM B alum who interned with Flipkart

Why An IIT IIM Tag Matters Not | AMA With Saurabh Sengupta

When Saurabh Sengupta became a part of one of InsideIIM's Konversations Cafe events last year, we all didn't know the impact his words would have on the MBA community. One

What Makes The Placement Committee So Coveted On Campus | IIM A, IIM I, IIM K, MDI Gurgaon, MICA | #YOBOLive Ep. 8

Get a glimpse into b-school life with our new free webinar series - #YOBOLive. Connect with students or alumni from IIMs and other top b-schools and find out how to