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Launch Of The XUV 300 Was My Most Exciting Project Ft. Akshay Gupta, XLRI | Miracles With Mahindra

Imagine working in a company wherein less than 5 years you get to be in an HR role, a sales, and marketing role and move to a strategy role. All

How I Got Into Mahindra And Goldman Sachs | Ft. Preet & Amber, IMT Ghaziabad

Goldman Sachs & Mahindra are few of the companies that most B-School students aim to start a career with in the field of finance or management. Wondering how to crack

From No PPO To Google | Jai Prakash Sunkoori’s Journey From IIM Lucknow

When we talk about summer internships, everyone focuses on getting a Pre Placement Offer (PPO). Everyone wants one, but not everyone gets one. What happens when you don’t get a

How I Combined My MBA With Farming To Change Lives - Gitansh Sardana, IIFT Alumnus

“Coming from a family of a farmer, I used to be fascinated by seeing how farmers are so giving in nature and how hardworking they can be to deliver for

How I Built A Company Within Mahindra - Ashish Kapoor | Mahindra Susten | IMT Ghaziabad

When Ashish got into IMT Ghaziabad to pursue his management degree, he didn’t expect it to transform his life in a matter of years. Hailing from the so-called industrial capital

Deadline For Registrations Extended Till Midnight! - Mahindra Rise Challenge 2019

Deadline to Apply for the Mahindra Rise Challenge has been extended until 5th July 2019, 11:59:59 PM! Register NOW!We understand your crazy B-school schedules and the everyday grind. And that is

Entering The World of Mahindra - First Week Of Summer Internship | Raghvendra Shrivallabh Soni, XLRI Jamshedpur

Getting into a general management role is always the most sought after role in B schools. The GMC (Group Management Cadre) summer internship program of Mahindra is among one of

The Beginning Of My Journey At Mahindra - Ready To Rise!

“Being Humble means recognising that we are not on earth to see how important we can become, but to see how much difference we can make in the lives of