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MBA After 4 Years Of Work-experience?

First of all, there is no fixed or right time for anyone to do an MBA. It depends on person to person. There might be someone who has a reason

MBA With Work Experience Or MBA As A Fresher? - IIM Bangalore Student's Perspective

In the job market, work experience prior to doing an MBA is undervalued as opposed to the work experience after doing an MBA. I will give two scenarios here and

MBA As A Fresher Or After Work Experience? - An MBA Student's Perspective

The MBA vs Work experience debate has been going on for ages. Let's find out what Urjit Agarwal, a student of IIM Kozhikode PGP 2018-20 has to say -

Fresher In A B-School: Are You Anyway Inferior To People With Prior Work Experience

It was my first week in IIM Udaipur, and we were supposed to do our first group project. In a b-school, study groups are made by PGP office, and the

MBA With Work Experience Or MBA As a Fresher?

MBA with Work Experience or MBA as a Fresher - an age-old debate. Is there a correct answer to this? There are inherent advantages and disadvantages with either of the

Only Engineers Opt For An MBA - Mythbusters - MBA Edition

How many times have we been carried away with things like Post-MBA fancy packages, chilled out life after CAT, only engineers do an MBA, you need to have work experience

Importance Of Work Experience Before An MBA - Sanidh Patil, IIM Udaipur

I am a Computer Engineering Graduate from a respectable institute in India. Like most engineering students, I was placed in an IT firm through the college placement process. On completing