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5 Ultimate Steps To Help You Get Into Your B-School

Planning to do an MBA is one thing, figuring out your dream b-schools and identifying the steps that may lead to your b-school is different. As an aspirant, you may

How To Get Into ISB | Pointers By Abhilaksh Sharma, VIT and ISB Alum

Getting into the prestigious ISB is not just anyone’s cup of tea. According to Abhilaksh Sharma (VIT pass out and ISB Alum), “ISB looks for confident and jugaadu people who

MBA After 4 Years Of Work-experience?

First of all, there is no fixed or right time for anyone to do an MBA. It depends on person to person. There might be someone who has a reason

MBA With Work Experience Or MBA As A Fresher? - IIM Bangalore Student's Perspective

In the job market, work experience prior to doing an MBA is undervalued as opposed to the work experience after doing an MBA. I will give two scenarios here and

MBA As A Fresher Or After Work Experience? - An MBA Student's Perspective

The MBA vs Work experience debate has been going on for ages. Let's find out what Urjit Agarwal, a student of IIM Kozhikode PGP 2018-20 has to say -

Fresher In A B-School: Are You Anyway Inferior To People With Prior Work Experience

It was my first week in IIM Udaipur, and we were supposed to do our first group project. In a b-school, study groups are made by PGP office, and the

MBA With Work Experience Or MBA As a Fresher?

MBA with Work Experience or MBA as a Fresher - an age-old debate. Is there a correct answer to this? There are inherent advantages and disadvantages with either of the