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MBA With Work Experience Or MBA As A Fresher? - IIM Bangalore Student's Perspective

In the job market, work experience prior to doing an MBA is undervalued as opposed to the work experience after doing an MBA. I will give two scenarios here and

MBA As A Fresher? Less Terrifying Than You Think!

Often, you look at the statistics coming out of MBA colleges, and you get intimidated. In fact, before I applied to IIMB, I was petrified. “Oh good lord, everyone will

MBA As A Fresher Or After Work Experience? - An MBA Student's Perspective

The MBA vs Work experience debate has been going on for ages. Let's find out what Urjit Agarwal, a student of IIM Kozhikode PGP 2018-20 has to say -

The Roller-Coaster Ride Of A Fresher In IIMs

Hello folks. I am a fresher joined in IIMB in 2017. Yes, this is how I want to introduce myself since the story I am going to tell you a

Fresher In A B-School: Are You Anyway Inferior To People With Prior Work Experience

It was my first week in IIM Udaipur, and we were supposed to do our first group project. In a b-school, study groups are made by PGP office, and the

MBA With Work Experience Or MBA As a Fresher?

MBA with Work Experience or MBA as a Fresher - an age-old debate. Is there a correct answer to this? There are inherent advantages and disadvantages with either of the

Is Work Experience Necessary Before MBA?

“Learn to work with people you wouldn’t go to lunch with” – a quote by Garry Marshall, famous director, on the best career advice he ever received. Engineer or commerce

Struggles Of A Fresher In An IIM

It is strange how sometimes we randomly find things which we didn’t even know were missing in our lives (close enough to Latent needs in Marketing terminology?). I remember, at