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Fresher to 19 LPA - How an MBA Shaped My Future!

While there's a prevailing narrative suggesting that prerequisites such as work experience and internships are necessary before pursuing an MBA, the reality is that while those experiences can be beneficial,

Recruiter's Tips for MBA Grads on How to Land Your Dream Job!

Hey! are you ready to turbocharge your job search?Join us as we take a deep dive into the world of career development at Vivekanand Business School (VBS) in Mumbai.

Life of Indian MBA Students in Milan, Italy - What’s Next?

How do you feel about working in Italy on international campaigns with leading brands like Cartier?

How This B-school Team Won Rs. 2.5Lakh Winning A Competition | GSK ECube 2023

We concluded another successful year of conducting GSK ECube 2023, a real-life case study competition that tests the acumen of the students from varied b-schools and makes them think about

How You Can Help Tata Play And Win Rs. 1.55 Lakh | Register Now

The early 2000s saw a revolution in India with Direct to Home services making their entry into the world of Media and Entertainment and making TV viewing a more engaging

You Can Change How B-School Recruitment Takes Place

As a B-school student, how do you figure out a company's culture, the number of people they are hiring, what scope you can have when you join and how the

What goes into an effective decision making process? Ft. TAS Manager Vasundhara N

What goes into an effective decision making process? Find out this and more in an insightful article written by TAS manager, Vasundhara Narang.Every decision we make is a shift from

TAS Rewinds

The past couple of months have gone by quick but they were filled to the brim with excitement. Check it out in this edition of TAS Rewind.#SettleForMore