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You Can Change How B-School Recruitment Takes Place

As a B-school student, how do you figure out a company's culture, the number of people they are hiring, what scope you can have when you join and how the

What goes into an effective decision making process? Ft. TAS Manager Vasundhara N

What goes into an effective decision making process? Find out this and more in an insightful article written by TAS manager, Vasundhara Narang.Every decision we make is a shift from

TAS Rewinds

The past couple of months have gone by quick but they were filled to the brim with excitement. Check it out in this edition of TAS Rewind.#SettleForMore

How Do You Decide On The Company You Want To Work For?

How do you make sure that the company that you are getting in has all the boxes checked? What are some of the things that you absolutely look for while

How Difficult Is It To Crack Online GDs For Placement Interviews? Ft. IIM K & XLRI Students

Group Discussions have been the downfall of many great candidates. In a virtual setup that gets enough tougher. It is natural for one to be anxious about how to go

How BCG & AltUni By InsideIIM Are Contributing To Transgender Equity

It’s been more than 7 years since the historic Supreme Court judgement that declared transgender people the 'third gender' and affirmed that the fundamental rights will be equally applicable to

Are You The Most Promising Incoming MBA Student To Lookout For?

We at InsideIIM have recognized that the worth of an MBA student to an employer goes much beyond PORs, grades, percentiles,  or simply an MBA degree. What you bring to

All You Need To Know About Getting Consulting Placements | Consulting Festival

The Consulting industry is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 30% & is set to become a $3.8 bn industry. Nearly 5.5 mn people work in