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Cracking The McKinsey Interview - An IIM Bangalore Student's McKinsey Interview Experience

McKinsey & Company is the world's leading and most reputed global management consulting firm and hires only the top talent from Indian business schools for Consulting roles. In this article,

How To Find A Job In Consulting - Tejas Dave, Consultant - IIM B Alum - Part 3

In this video, Tejas Dave, Consultant - McKinsey & Co., Ex-Entrepreneur, IIM B answers various questions about consulting and entrepreneurship. He talks about ways to find a job in consulting,

Consulting Companies Look For Spikes In Your CV - Tejas Dave, Consultant., IIM B

In this video, Tejas Dave, Consultant - McKinsey & Co., Ex-Entrepreneur, IIM B shares the story of working as a consultant. He shares invaluable tips on the skills a consultant

How To Crack Your Internship Interview At McKinsey | Consulting

Imagine the feeling of achieving your dreams. Elation, excitement, happiness. That and something more. At least according to these McKinsey PPO holders Jannat Talwar and Shubham Jain from IIM Lucknow.

How To Crack McKinsey Internship Interview Like A Pro

It's that time again. Internship placement season has arrived! In order to assist you in the best way possible, InsideIIM/ Konversations brings you a new free LIVE webinar series with

The Ultimate Guide To Get Into McKinsey & Co

IIM Lucknow management students Jannat Talwar and Shubham Jain have converted one of the most sought-after job offers at any B-School. Join us in this 6-part series, where they talk

McKinsey & Company - InsideIIM Internship Inventory

Before we begin with this company analysis, for MBA aspirants who are not privy to the features of the Consulting domain, it is recommended that you acquaint yourself with the