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Meet Top Women Industry Leaders & Get Personalized Career Guidance | #SheInspiresMe

At InsideIIM, we believe that one day isn’t enough to celebrate women which is why we present #SheInspiresMe Women’s Month — an entire month dedicated to women.

Be The Coach You Wish You Had

“Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it.” – Alan Moore

Multiply Your Chances Of Getting Promoted By 5 Times

Haven’t we all heard about the ‘new normals’ of the post-pandemic world somewhere or the other? It has become such an event that eras are being defined by it simply

Things You Should Absolutely Know Before CAT 2020, Says Parag Chitale | Get 1-on-1 Mentorship With Him

It’s that time of the year again! B-school entrance exams like CAT, GMAT, XAT, CET, NMAT, SNAP, MICAT, etc. are round the corner. This year, with the economic downturn that

Here's A Sneak Peek Into Kounsel | InsideIIM's 1-on-1 Mentorship Program

Every successful person will tell you that having a mentor can really benefit you. An industry professional who has been there and done that can give you valuable advice regarding

Is Data Analytics The Future Of Marketing? | Marketing Analytics 101 Masterklass

What is Marketing Analytics? Is it the marriage of Marketing and Data Analytics? How much knowledge of Data Analytics do you need to be a successful marketer in this increasingly

Kounsel 1-on-1 Mentorship and Career Coaching

"I wish I had a good mentor when I was younger."