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How I Got A Job At Microsoft - Naman Agrawal, XLRI Jamshedpur

Getting into Microsoft and bagging a Program Manager position, that marries software expertise and management skills, is a highly sought after position by various b-school students, especially General Engineering Male

Summer Internship Experience At Microsoft IDC - Key Learnings And Insights

Microsoft is definitely one of the dream companies of anyone who wants to get into Product Management. The whole process of summer preparations culminated into two good months of enriched

I Prefer Being A Manager Over A Software Developer - Anuraag Gupta, Sr. Product Manager, Microsoft

In this video, Anuraag Gupta, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, ISB alum, tells you about the skills a product manager needs, romance at b - school, and lots more.

I Work On A Product That Millions Of People Use For 12 Hours A Day - Anuraag Gupta, Sr PM, Microsoft

In this video, Anuraag Gupta, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, tells you his experience as a product manager.If you want to create a career in product management, if you are

Marketing Will Be An Engineering Function In The Future - Senior Product Manager, Microsoft - Anuraag Gupta

In this video, Anuraag Gupta, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft shares his journey and time at ISB, on doing an MBA as a working professional, passion for product management, and

The What And Why Of Microsoft Acquiring LinkedIn

A simple way to assess any potential acquisition target, is to ask these two questions - “Is it valuable?” and “Is the price right?”. If the answer to both questions

'Effective Communication Is Key In A PM Role' - Ajay's Internship Experience At Microsoft - IIM Indore

I joined IIM Indore after working for about 3 years as a software engineer at Symantec. My decision to pursue a course in management was not because I didn’t like

Microsoft Acquires LinkedIn – How These Planets Could Align - Mahesh Murthy's Analysis

When I first heard about this merger, it was surprising, but on giving it a little thought, it made a significant bit of sense.