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A 360-Degree Approach To Get A Higher-Paying Job. Guaranteed.

The urban unemployment rate had more than doubled to 20.9% in the period April-June 2020 from the 9.1% in the corresponding quarter in 2019, data released by the government showed.

How To Use LinkedIn To Find A Job & Network Ft. Saloni M, Ex LinkedIn, IIM Indore Alum

Saloni Mehta, Founder & Chief LinkedIn Consultant at the Saloni Mehta Company started her own venture with one simple goal in mind: To help professionals achieve their professional goals with

5 Ways To Improve Your Digital Profile And Get A Job

Finding a job in current times has become very difficult. One cannot easily network, sit for face-to-face interviews, or even drop by the company office. Everything for now, and most

Post MBA, Your Network Is Your Net Worth - Presenting You The B-School Network!

Pursuing an MBA might be one of the most critical decisions of one’s career. Over two hundred thousand odd individuals appear for various entrance examinations aspiring to get into their

What Is Networking And How To Network During MBA

You might have heard the importance of networking while talking about the benefit of an MBA, and almost everybody talks about it in one way or another. And actually, networking

6 Things You Can Do Before Your B-school | Ft. Ankit Gupta, IIM Lucknow

As I write this article, a lot of us are sitting in our cozy abodes, wishing for the pandemic -  CORONA, to end.

A Case For Bigger Batch Size At B-Schools - Networking 101 By IIM Indore Student

When it comes to comparing the batch sizes across all the IIMs, IIM Indore surely stands out. This is because there are over 1000 students when one considers both the

How To Build A Successful MBA Career Through Networking - Tips And Tricks

The most essential objective of an MBA education is to network feverishly and to get to know as many people as possible. Now, when I say networking, I mean it