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How An MBA Aspirant’s Journey Starts From Zero Ft. Keshav | CAT Vlog Ep 1

What happens when you get up one morning and decide you want to crack CAT? Be part of all the cool B-schools, draw heavy paychecks at the end of the

What Men Think About The #MeToo Movement | The Perspective of The Other Half

#MeToo is a women’s empowerment campaign, which went viral in October of 2017, gaining unprecedented momentum after the sexual misconduct perpetrated by certain public figures came to light. When Women’s

Conditioning Is The Biggest Contributor To Sexism - Shivangi Tripathy, IIM Nagpur

A lot has been said before, and a lot more is yet to come but how much of it stays is the question. There’s so much to fight for that

Make A Choice To Raise Your Voice And Not Get Suppressed By Noise | How I Raised My Voice For My Fellow Women At The Workplace

'With a tiny bag and small legs, crying like a chick who broke its eggs,I walked to school like a sluggish turtle, thinking that was life’s only hurdleBut as I

Back To A B-School After 13 Years | Munmun Goswami - IIM Ahmedabad Graduate & FPM Student At XLRI Jamshedpur

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston S. Churchill

A Fashionista And Finance Geek At An IIM - Celebrating Womanhood At IIM Trichy

It goes without saying that IIMs have evolved over the years to become well-established incubators and nurseries of talent, letting talent thrive unhindered. The talent may not always come only

The Girl Who Went Beyond Being Shackled As A Rat In This Corporate World | #OwnYourStory

This is the story of a girl who didn’t want what we all are more or less puppets to - being shackled as rats in this corporate world.

Be Yourself And Not Just A 'Perfect Picture' | Speaking The Unspoken

Most of you would relate to me when I say, "College days are the best!"