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How Did I Become A Customer Project Specialist at Cisco? From SIBM Pune, PepsiCo To Cisco

Are you planning to do an MBA in Marketing? Have you given some thought on what your career trajectory be like? Are you aware what are you heading towards? If

The CEO Who Inspires Me - Indra Nooyi

CEO. This 3 lettered acronym holds a myriad of emotions- be it power, respect, revolution or just some inspiration. In the world of business, we see people holding such positions

On Unique Selfie Challenges, Eureka Moments, Meeting CEO Of PepsiCo And More - Monika Mishra, CTG Winner, 2016

Hi, we are team “EnLiven” from the Indian School of Business CO’17. We, Monika and Smriti were the first runners-up of the 2016 PepsiCo ‘Change the Game’ challenge, India region.

Get An International Job Opportunity With Pepsico - Come, Participate & Change The Game

Are you really passionate about owning and developing new products? Would you go beyond your comfort zone to realise your dreams? Do you want to compete with talent from across

Painting The Town In PepsiCo Hues - Summer Of '17 - Sasi Priya's Internship Experience - TISS Mumbai

Sometime in January, my mother called me and said, we’ve received a postal mail from PepsiCo. I did a double take and said maybe I mixed up my permanent and

Pranathi Amula's Induction To The PepsiCo Family

I woke up, frantic to realize it was just 5:30 am. My first day to summer internship. It wasn’t my first internship. Nor was it my first job. Then why