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Here’s What Nestlé India’s Interns Have To Say About Their Virtual Internship

This year, we saw a lot of news revolving around summer internships being deferred, or even canceled. For those who did go through with their internships, it was a unique

How I Bagged A PPO From Ofbusiness | Ft Sumeet Bhatere, IIM Rohtak

The summer internship is the most coveted thing in a B-school after of course final placements. For most of us all the learnings, PORs, late-night hustles converge to one thing;

Unfolding Secrets Of Bagging PPO During Internship || Vishakha Sharma, Tata Steel

We have with us Ms Vishakha Sharma from MDI Gurgaon. She is an alumnus of Indira Gandhi Technical University. She is a music enthusiast. She is currently one of the

Don’t Compare Yourself With Others When You Start Your Corporate Career, Ft. Arushi Sood, Tata Steel

We often tend to forget our inner strengths and give in to peer pressure or insecurities over the success of others. In a crisis situation like the one we are

From Summer Internship To PPO: Is There A Winning Formula?

If you are a current first-year MBA student, chances are you are going to kickstart your summer internship in the next few days. You went through the grueling rounds of

What Does A Brand Manager Do - Ft. Colgate Palmolive

Who is a Brand Manager? What does a Brand Manager do? Is it is a sales role or marketing role? These are some of the questions every MBA Marketing student

How To Bag A PPO During Summer Internships | Ft. Sundar Ganesh, ABG

We have with us Mr Sundar Ganesh C from MDI Gurgaon. He is an avid reader and a meticulous dapper. He is currently in the second year of his MBA

The Best Summer Intern From RPG | Hutanshu Kamal, IIM Ranchi

Hello readers, we have with us one of the most promising students of IIM Ranchi, Hutanshu. He is the university Gold medalist from UPES and was the best outgoing student