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25 Podcasts You Need To Listen To Right Now

These days, thanks to COVID 19, you have lots of things to listen to. Too many, infact. Audio stories, audio books, podcasts, there’s a lot of material out there to

The Best Management Blogs To Read During The Lockdown

COVID-19 is no more a disease that affects the human respiratory system. The effects of the disease have also started showing its impact on the economic and industrial domain. Even

How And Why I Got Into Microsoft Teams Ft. Ritika Gupta, Program Manager, Ex Yatra, Ex Dainik Jagran

Ritika was almost done with Microsoft. She decided to move to Bangalore, left her job, booked tickets to Tanzania for a long vacay, and packed her bags too! And then

You Must Ask The Right Questions As A Product Manager Ft. Ritika Gupta, Microsoft Teams

Working at Dainik Jagran as a Product Manager requires a different perspective. A product manager at Yatra has a different set of duties and expectations. A product manager at Microsoft?

Never Wanted To Join L'Oreals, P&Gs Of The World - Ritika Gupta, Program Manager - Microsoft

Imagine resigning from your very first job post MBA in less than 2 years so that you can travel. And before you leave, getting a job offer from another company!

What It's Like To Work As A Product Manager Abroad Ft. Ellora Nath, ISB Alum

In this last part of her interview, Ellora Nath takes us through the selection process for Booking.com. She talks of the different rounds, including the ‘on-site' round, where candidates fly

My Experience At ISB, Practo Ft. Ellora Nath, Product Manager, Booking.com

Continuing her talk, Ellora takes us through her journey at ISB, and how she made the most of her MBA. Having already worked in an MNC (eBay), she decided she

Don't Do An MBA To Figure Out Your Future - Ellora Nath, Product Manager, Booking.com, ISB Alum

Ellora Nath was like many other Indian students who opted to do engineering. Having a knack for science, she got into BITS Pilani, Goa, and from there moved on to