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How Can You Get 20% Higher Salaries With This One Must-Have Skill?

Snapshot: There are currently over 86,000+ open jobs in India that require Data Analytics skills. In most cases, these jobs are not necessarily titled "Data Analysts" but are functional roles.

Tech Or MBA? - The Silver Bullet For Product Management Ft. PMs Of Atlassian & Protonn

Yes, we dare take up THAT question. The question that sets sparks flying even if you just utter ‘Tech’ and ‘MBA’ in the same sentence in the ProdMan circles! The

What Is A Product Teardown?

Product teardown is a comprehensive deconstruction of a product to understand its inner workings, identify the thought process behind its design, and reason why the product is built the way

What Is a Product Manager's Salary in India?

Product Managers (PMs) are often tagged as mini-entrepreneurs: professionals who take complete, end-to-end accountability over their product. As the pandemic has accelerated enterprise tech adoption five-folds, there is an even

The Product Management Quiz - Winners To Get Prizes Worth INR 24,999/-

On the occasion of Women's Month, InsideIIM aims to celebrate the success, failure, courage, dynamism, vision and dreams of every woman. We aspire to stir up conversations, burst myths and

Get This Ultimate Product Management E-Book

If you really think about it, haven’t almost all companies always had a product, and if yes, what is all this sudden buzz around product management roles? Let’s talk a

The Product Challenge 2022 - Brought To You By The ProdMan Club of IIM A & InsideIIM

Presenting The Product Challenge 2022, brought to you by The ProdMan Club of IIM Ahmedabad and InsideIIM. The challenge is aimed at testing your product acumen and understanding.

One In-Demand Management Skill That Can Boost Your Salary In 2022

As per LinkedIn’s 2022 Job report for India, 82% of India’s workforce is preparing to switch jobs in this very year and 45% of them are confident about their next