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Whopping Salary Statistics That Tell Us Why Product Management Is A Dream Job Worldwide

Product Management is one of the most powerful careers in the corporate world - every decision you take as a Product Manager can influence the behavior of millions of people

From Coding to Product Management: Career Transition Guide

If you’re a software engineer/developer who enjoys figuring out who your customers are, what their needs are, and why they behave the way they do, switching over to Product Management

Free E-Book | The Quintessential Product Management Career Guide

Product management is a vital business function that helps companies find development possibilities and create customer-centric solutions. It describes the course of a product’s lifecycle from the research to the

Get This Ultimate Product Management E-Book

If you really think about it, haven’t almost all companies always had a product, and if yes, what is all this sudden buzz around product management roles? Let’s talk a

Product Management Roles After MBA - All You Need To Know

In today's time, Product Management is one of the most desirable domains to work in. Product-as-a-Service dominates almost every sector and product management is the cornerstone of successful businesses in

Webinar | How To Build A High-Paying Career In Top Digital Companies Ft. Flipkart & Uber PMs

We’ve read, heard & talked a lot about how the digital landscape is evolving with increasing speed aided by rising internet and mobile phone penetration in India. As per an

Product Managers In A Digital Age | Part 1 - Decoding The Hype

If you place the product at the hub of the wheel and business functions like engineering, design, marketing, operations, finance, etc. at the rim, what are the spokes?Product Managers; the

What Does It Take To Earn A 7 Figure Salary | Product Management 101

Products & technologies have had increasingly higher adoption rates. Telephones took almost 100 years to reach 100 million users, mobile phones took 20 years, Facebook took less than 5 years