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Personalized Resume Consulting Services By Ex-McKinsey-IIT-IIM Graduate & Team

There is an extremely large number of MBA graduates in the country (both employed and studying) who are struggling to make a good resume and that is negatively affecting their

4 Things To Remember While Writing A Resume: Tips By An IIM-A Student

A resume is a tool that helps recruiters select candidates for various positions at organizations. I agree it may not be the best tool, but it serves the purpose efficiently.

Resume: The Brand For MBA Applicants

Resume acts as a quintessential component in the Business School Applications. It provides a snapshot of skills, experience, key accomplishments and interests. A company has written a one page CV

5 Things To Keep In Mind While Preparing Resume For PIs

It’s a matter of hardly a month by when all the major b-school entrance exams will be over and the candidates will anxiously await their results. Once the results are

75 Ways To Develop Your Personality And Your Resume

Excelling in various fields does not only help in grabbing your dream job but also to shape up a well-rounded personality.

The Ultimate Interview Guide- Trailer- Konversations.com

Just starting to build your dream career? Searching for the "perfect job?" Thinking of switching? We have just the thing for you! The Ultimate Interview Guide! A masterclass that prepares

How To Prepare A Powerful Video Resume For Interviews

In a few weeks’ time, resume verifications, placement preparations and panicking for the same will start. You may need to compose video resumes for certain Consulting and General Management profiles.

10 Tips For Writing A Good Resume For Summer Placements

‘Summer Placement’ is one of the crucial activities in the first year at a b-school. A good resume will fetch you the shortlists of your dream companies. Following are some