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Experiential Retail: Exceeding The Vision

Still looking at competing with Amazon and other e-commerce? Sorry to inform you - that’s a pointless exercise, as the behemoths don’t mind racing to the bottom to win market

Life Of A Brand Manager At Nykaa - Vibhuti Verma - Konversations On Retail And Marketing Careers

Make-up, e-commerce and marketing - sounds like a dream job for a young marketing professional, right? Vibhuti Varma​ lives this coveted life.In this video, she gets candidly shares with us

How H&M Sells Jackets In Summers - Adhirath Sharma - Konversations on Retail and Marketing Careers

Most of us swear by H&M's amazing products. During the short period for which this international fashion brand has existed in India, it has earned satisfaction and loyalty from their

From Kala Niketan To Amazon - The Evolution Of Market Space - MICA

Where do you shop these days? Lifestyle or Myntra? Crossword or Amazon? Doesn't the shopping behaviour these days make you think how and why this shift happened? Online shopping is

All You Need To Know About MBA In Retail Management

Retail Industry is growing exponentially in India. From physical stores to e-retailing, this sector has attracted a huge amount of investments from Indian and foreign investors. India has favourable demographics

The Real Life MBA - The Story Of Heerson, A Local Retail Shop In Mumbai

Team InsideIIM brings to you a new series called ‘The Real Life MBA’. There are so many successful entrepreneurs unheard of from whom we all can learn a few principles

Interview With Harshal Vora - Founder Of Radiolocus (Google Analytics For Offline Retail Stores)

We bring to you an interesting conversation with Harshal Vora, Founder of RadioLocus, a start-up  which aims at delivering brick-and-mortar stores what Google Analytics gives online retailers. Wi-Fi is used

The Tug Of War Between Offline And Online Retail

E-Commerce has left a deep impact on the way people once shopped. With the increasing penetration of smartphones and emergence of online marketplaces, online portals are drawing large pools of