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Summer Placement Preparation

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Questions Asked By Sales & Marketing Companies During Placements

One of the most popular domains B-school students want to get into is Sales and Marketing. Marketing summer internship interviews are typically focused on questions around the individual’s profile, projects

Top 8 Ways To Fill Academic Achievements On Your Resume | Varnika Chaturvedi, IIM K Co'23

As we covered the basics of CV making in the last article, we focused mainly on how to frame CV points and what should be the key considerations in mind.

How To Frame CV Points For Summer Placements | Varnika Chaturvedi, IIM K Co'23

Congratulations to everyone who’ve just begun their journey in a B-school.  The last few months must have been a whirlwind of studying for competitive entrance exams, and practising for so

Summer Placement Preparation 2022 - The Complete Guide | InsideIIM Placement Prep Series

This article, we will be targeting the aspect of preparations related to the Summer Placements. This detailed guide will help you in drafting your resume, to preparing for HR questions

Summer Placement Resumes - Common Mistakes And Making A Shortlist Ready Resume

It seems quite intriguing as to how much time a person can spend behind preparing a 1-page document for Summer Placements. If you were asked this question before you came

Will Joining A Lower Tier B-School Affect Your Summer Placements?

Employability is much more crucial than ever before in this post-pandemic world. India has an advantage in nearly every facet of the Global Skills market, with a population of 1.3

Arrogance & Overconfidence: My Summer Placements Disaster, Ft. Ankit D, Founder - InsideIIM | AltUni

In this candid video by Ankit Doshi, Founder & CEO of InsideIIM & AltUni, he describes his disastrous encounter with Summer Placements at IIM Indore, over a decade ago. He

4 Stats That Will Change Your Mind About Importance Of Summer Placements

MBA summer internship is a brief learning experience involving on-the-job training with top organizations. It is an excellent opportunity for your career trajectory by assisting you in defining your preferred